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About Sasha Begum Law

At Sasha Begum Law, PLLC we specialize in corporate law, immigration law, entertainment law and family law. Our attorneys are highly skilled and enjoy helping their clients understand the legal matters.

As a boutique firm, we take the time to work individually with each of our clients. We care about keeping our clients informed as they navigate the complicated legal maze.

Our Specialties

Corporate law – Our attorneys can help you in many aspects of your business, including choosing the best legal structure for your company, mergers and acquisitions and corporate governance. As a business owner, you are busy trying to make a profit, improve your product, and gain new customers. Managing numerous legal complications as well can seem overwhelming, which is why every business needs a great attorney to help. One of our corporate attorneys can help you to grow your business.

Immigration law –  People may want to move to the United States to join their families, to escape an oppressive regime, or to go to school. There are countless complications in the legal code, and the process is slightly different depending on education, nation of birth, and other variables. Trying to navigate the process alone can be completely overwhelming, especially while also trying to start a new life in a new country. Working with an immigration lawyer can make the process much simpler.

Entertainment Law – The entertainment industry is a unique business sector.  Our lawyers love supporting writers, performers, and other artists with all the legal necessities of their craft so that they can focus on creating the best work possible.

Family Law – Family law can be highly emotional and a skilled, caring attorney can make a big difference.

The Legal Help You Need

Whatever your legal needs, our attorneys are here to help. We are committed to our clients and ensuring they get the best possible outcome for their situation.  Reaching out to our law firm is the best decision you can make for yourself any time you are in need of experienced legal representation. Give us a call today to begin working with one of our attorneys.