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Why You Might Need Outsource General Counsel

If you are starting a business, your company is your entire life. You likely spend every waking hour thinking about how you can be successful, gaining clients, and increasing profits. You care about your business like it is your child, and the last thing you need is some legal complication to harm your chances at breaking through.
Navigating all the challenges of starting a new business – incorporating, registering, filing taxes – can seem overwhelming to a new business owner. When the success of your company rests solely on your shoulder, you do not have time to get a law degree too. You need to be able to count on someone to give you the answers you need.
Of course, when you are most in need of counsel is also a time when you might not think you can afford it. Lawyers are notoriously expensive, and when you are starting a business, you need to be careful about every dime.

The Solution for Everyday Businesses

Outsourced general counsel gives you access to the same legal expertise that big corporations have- the kind of immediate access to lawyers that can help you confidently make the right decisions for your business. Big firms have lawyers in house- people who can answer all of those questions right down the hall.
With outsourced general counsel, you can have that same benefit, an expert on call to attend board or shareholder meetings, advise you on contracts, assist you in filing required reports, and answer any questions you may have. By taking advantage of counsel, you can be certain that you will be following the letter of the law and focus on growing your business.

Saving Money Long-Term

New business owners have to watch every cent,but legal errors can be far more expensive than the cost of consulting with a lawyer first. Monthly billing for a single flat fee means that you can budget carefully and never need to be concerned that a call to your lawyer will push you into the red for the month.
By spending money in the beginning, you can prevent having to spend more money later. Outsourced general counsel may be exactly what you need to keep your business thriving.
Every day, business owners find themselves embroiled in legal battles that they never expected. It may be over a failure to properly file SEC reports or some other seemingly minor error. That mistake can cost them so much that they are no longer able to keep their business going.
Imagine, the next time you are confused by a contract, or just need some legal advice, you simply pick up the phone and calla lawyer that works closely with your business. Whether you chat for five minutes or need hours of careful assistance, youpay the same amount. This is the reality of outsourced general counsel, and if you are in business, you likely need it.