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San Antonio Immigration Attorneys

When it comes to immigration issues, we understand how tedious and emotional the process can be. For many, their lives and, at the very least, livelihoods are tied up in decisions they have little control over. Because each person’s story and circumstances regarding their immigration and naturalization are different, we offer a range of immigration law services to meet each’s respective needs.

Some of the most common immigration and naturalization matters that our firm handles includes:

General & Emergency Immigration and Naturalization Concerns

Even what would seem like the most straightforward of immigration or naturalization processes can easily become complex when trying to compile necessary documentation, fill out multiple forms, attend visa appointments or immigration interviews, and follow up on requests for additional information related to your application. Because not providing the necessary documentation the first time around or not following up within a specific window of time can cause you to have to apply again, it is important to have an attorney available to represent your interests.

Our firm is experienced in helping a variety of individuals with standard processes including the acquisition of international student visas, naturalization filings, lottery winner green cards, and changes or extensions of non-immigration status. For some of the more difficult battles, we also provide deportation and removal hearing defense services.

Family & Marriage-Related Matters

Current immigration policy allows for fiancés and family members of United States citizens to come to the country using many different types of visas with different requirements. Our firm can work with you to determine the most appropriate to your situation and assist with the application process.

Once the visa is approved, we work with you to apply for the necessary green cards, which not only provide a right to work in the country but the right to a permanent residence as well. Lastly, after completing the requirements for naturalization, we assist in gathering the necessary documentation for your application and naturalization interview.

Employment Issues

Employment-related immigration is one area of immigration law that has experienced the most growth in the past few years. When it comes to employers, we work with them to ensure they retain proper immigration and compliance records necessary for I-9 filings. We also assist employees and professionals seeking non-immigrant work visas, travel authorizations, and green cards.

This includes assisting in filing H1-B visas for professionals, L-1 visas for managers and executives, and Q-1 visas for entertainers and other persons with extraordinary talents. We work with both skilled and unskilled workers with the permanent visa process done through the Perm Labor Certification process as well.

Investor Visas

Investors from various countries are eligible for either EB5 or E-2 Investor Visas as long as they meet the minimum standards of providing a $500,000 investment and the intention to create a certain number of jobs. We can work with investors to determine what visa is most appropriate for their investment, deciding what business or sector their investment is going to be made in, and the prospects of their application being approved.

Our firm prides itself on staying on top of changing immigration and naturalization policies and in doing so has successfully helped clients achieve the type life they were seeking out. Contact us so we can discuss your particular needs and advise you as to options you might have.