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San Antonio Commercial Litigation Attorney

When it comes to disputes between corporate entities, they can quickly escalate into contentious lawsuits that adversely affect the ability for one or both of the companies to remain viable. Fortunately, the attorneys at Sasha Begum Law have the necessary experience in handling different types of corporate disputes including those involving breach of contract claims, non-compete violations, and partnership and shareholder issues.

Breach of Contract Claims

When it comes to the area of commercial litigation, one of the most commonly filed lawsuits is a breach of contract. Since contracts are intended to serve as an agreement that give the involved parties a comfort in knowing the reaches of their relationships, establish certain monetary expectations, and conditions for non-payment over a set period of time, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that violation of their terms can make parties resort to taking legal action. Initiating legal proceedings in these matters can have a significant impact on stopping further damages to your company, both regarding financial implications and those involving its integrity as well.Non-Compete Clauses &

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Non-compete and non-disclosure agreements serve to protect your company’s confidential information and trade secrets. If someone has violated the terms of your non-disclosure or a former employee or independent contractor has violated an enforceable non-compete, then the damages to your company can be extensive and sometimes irreparable.  It is important to hire an attorney to enforce the terms of these types of agreements to the fullest extent of the law, while still ensuring the integrity of your company is not compromised.

Partnership & Shareholder Disputes

Disputes that arise most often between parties in a partnership involve a breach of fiduciary duty, claims against management or boards of directors, oppression of minority shareholders, and problems that arise when attempting to dissolve a business relationship. Protecting your company’s integrity and ensuring future growth hinges on ensuring that issues are resolved fairly and swiftly.

If your company is facing litigation, our firm can work with you to devise a cost-effective solution for returning your business’ focus to growing its bottom line.