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San Antonio Corporate Attorneys

The umbrella of corporate law can cover any number of issues businesses face from incorporation, wading through government regulations that might affect your company, or acquiring or selling your company. Our lawyers are experienced in providing legal counsel to support any number of corporate transactions, whether you are a large global company or are a budding entrepreneur.

Company Formation and Corporate Governance

Aside from consulting new businesses looking to form their company, one of our firm’s most common roles within the corporate arena is as a mediator in the most sensitive of negotiations between shareholders. In doing so, we pay close attention to preserving the viability of both parties’ investments in drafting operating agreements, bylaws and shareholder agreements. Once relationships are formalized, we work with the parties involved to establish clearly defined roles for the partners.

Company Policies

We also work hand-in-hand with clients wishing to modify their policies and procedures. Changes within this realm generally include corporate compliance matters such as ethics codes, bylaws, and whistleblower rules.

Contract Review and Negotiation

Many companies have an ongoing need for negotiating contracts, whether it involves drafting a letter of intent, a confidentiality lease, or a consulting agreement.

Whether your company is a large, fully formed corporation in talks of being bought out or just a thought and not even incorporated yet, our law practice work with corporations of all sizes. Contact our firm to see how we can meet your legal counsel needs.