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San Antonio Entertainment Law Attorneys

With big cities like Los Angeles or New York no longer being the single locale for filming television shows or movies and entertainers popping up for all places, big and small, it should not come as a surprise that a San Antonio based law firm like S. Begum Law is also experienced in the field of entertainment law. Entertainers, whether they are actors, musicians, professional athletes, or authors have particular legal and business needs that require the protection of a skilled lawyer. To meet the needs of our entertainment clients, we offer an array of services including:

Contract Drafting and Negotiations

Due to the complexity of producing and delivering a professional entertainment project, many different parties are involved, each of which brings their talents to create a finished marketable product. When it comes to these type projects, each party tends to have their own specific interests as it relates to the percentage of proceeds they receive. They also need to protect their interests by having contingencies in place that clearly spell out their responsibilities as related to a current project. Our attorneys can draft and negotiate a contract that fits the needs of all parties involved including co-collaborator agreements.

Trademark and Copyright Matters

Intellectual property, whether it take the form of a song, musical composition, an author’s writings, or any number of other proprietary works, can be inappropriately used for another’s gain. When this occurs, it not only costs the owner of the rights to the material much-deserved earnings but affects their reputation and branding as well. Our firm works with you to assess situations for potential cases of intellectual property infringements and with the recovery of lost wages that result from it.

Rights of Privacy

Just because an entertainer has attained some degree of notoriety does not mean they are not entitled to the same expectations of publicity and privacy that average citizens are entitled to. There is a general assumption of risk in terms of encroachments on an entertainer’s privacy that come with the territory. However, there are statutes in place that establish what type of invasive actions goes beyond what is tolerable. For entertainers that have been a victim of curiosity that goes beyond the norm, we can work with them to protect their personal life from the public eye.


When it comes to celebrities, they are not only confronted by intellectual property issues having to do with their work or their likeness but also that of their branding or image. Defamation involves the destruction of an entertainer’s reputation, which can cost them a loss of work and consequent livelihood. Punitive damages in the form of a monetary settlement and a public recanting of inaccurate information that was released are just some of the many ways such indiscretions are handled within the legal/judicial system that go a long way in restoring your image.

If you are in the entertainment industry where big bucks are at play, it is prudent to want to protect your interests, no only monetarily speaking, but personal and professional ones as well. Contact our firm to see how we can help you do just that!