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San Antonio Family Lawyer

Family matters can be difficult and emotional. Our attorneys lend an empathetic ear in making a pain-free transition through any number of delicate matters including legal separation, divorce and marital dissolution, child support and custody arrangements, alimony payment arrangements, adoptions, grandparents’ rights, paternity issues, prenuptial agreements, modifications of order, and other pressing issues.

Divorce & Marital Dissolution

If you are going through a divorce, our attorney can guide you through this difficult time in your life and help you understand what to expect at every step along the way. These steps include filing for legal separation, making arrangements for custody of your children and child support, making arrangements for alimony payments, and a division of assets. If you would like to keep it out of court, our attorneys are trained in alternative dispute resolution and mediation and will work hard to prevent your case from expensive and time-consuming trial time so that you can get back to living your life as soon as possible.

Adoption and Paternity Issues

Open and closed adoptions and the establishment of paternity are both processes which need to be handled by an attorney. This is to ensure that the correct parent has proper rights to make decisions about health, schooling, and other issues important to a child’s development and life. Our attorneys are experienced in reviewing contracts and handling cases related to these issues to ensure that they are handled properly while taking into account what is in the best interest of the child.

Child Custody Concerns

When a child’s biological parents are not equipped to handle their responsibilities, many times courts will step in and award custody to another family member, including a grandparent or older sibling. The Court may also allow, in rare cases, a significantly mature child to become emancipated. These are just a few examples of the type of cases we can handle. Our firm works with all types of custody agreements to ensure they are carried out in the most effective way to protect a child’s needs and wants.

Pre & Postnuptial Agreements

Because we live in a time where people often enter into relationships with a successful financial background, it is important that particular individuals enter into either pre- or post-nuptial agreements with their soon-to-be or current significant other. Nuptial agreements protect their interests in the case of a separation so that a contentious divorce battle does not happen. We can work together with both parties in to develop an agreement that meets your respective needs.

If your family is in transition, whether it is simply as a couple or with kids, we can help make it a much easier one for all parties involved. Contact our firm today about how we can help bring some resolution to the issues your family is facing!