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San Antonio Outsourced General Counsel

Many companies believe that having an attorney on retainer is a luxury they cannot afford. While it may not be a smart financial choice to hire a full-time in-house attorney to handle daily legal matters, smaller companies do need an attorney that they can rely on to provide corporate counsel on any number of issues their company may face to protect their interests.

Our firm’s attorneys have the experience necessary, having worked as counsel to Fortune 500 companies, to address a wide-range of issues confronting businesses. In addition to our attorneys’ expertise, they are also part of a larger network of tax advisors, accountants, and legal specialists whom they can collaborate with in assisting your company with its legal and financial. In order to provide your company with personal on-call legal counsel, our attorneys learn your business, inside and out, so that we can best assist you when you call on us.

Scope of Services Offered

All our services are  available at a pre-negotiated flat fee.  These include:

  • Drafting, review and/or negotiation of customer, partner, vendor, real estate, consultancy or other commercial contracts.
  • Legal advisory and counseling services on both general and industry-specific legal issues.
  • Attendance at shareholder, board and management meetings.
  • Participation in company strategic planning initiatives.

Flat Fee, Monthly and Recurring Billing

Our flat fee billing option allows you to consult with our firm as you would your in-house counsel. This means that you pay the same amount no matter the frequency you use our services from month to month. The recurring monthly rate is subject to periodic modifications depending on your needs.

How an Outsourced General Counsel Benefits You

Because starting a business can be complex, particularly if you’ve never run a business before, you may not know the issues that may arise that would require you to turn to an attorney for guidance. Hourly fees can quickly cause financially vulnerabilities during the early years of your business’ life cycle. Having an attorney on retainer is not only considerably less expensive than having in-house counsel but it also avoids unpredictable costs.

If you are just getting into business, or you are looking to reduce your company’s overhead to become more productive and profitable, consider our firm’s outsourced general counsel plan to see how we can help you grow your business.